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Bike_Store_2-150x150Price: £1,100.00 + VAT & Delivery

The UK’s leading flat pack bike storage unit…

Whether you prefer horse power or peddle power, the Bike Store will keep your bike safe and secure and can be used almost anywhere. Thanks to its robust steel construction and flat pack design, Bike Store can be simply carried to any location, easily assembled and used to keep your valuable bike secure.

All the components are man portable meaning they can be carried through narrow passageways and alleys or even through your house, opening up previously inaccessible places – no need for costly cranes or forklifts and no specialist tools needed for assembly – just a socket set and you’re ready to get started.

Here’s why Bike Store is so popular with bike owners…

  • Demountable: Dismantles into flat-pack form quickly and easily for re-locating.
  • Complete: Everything required for assembly is in the kit.
  • Secure: Double locking system is standard.
  • Simple: No specialist tools are required for assembly, just a socket set.
  • Quick: Easy to follow instructions mean it’s ready for use in 40 minutes.

Bike Store’s unique design means you can literally use it anywhere it can be carried to meaning having secure and safe storage for your bike is even more accessible. Once assembled, the fully galvanised steel Bike Store is remarkably robust, with a real double locking system with insurance rated locks to BS3621 to deter the most determined thief. Assembly of the Bike Store is simple, quick and can be erected within one hour, all you require is a socket set.


  • Fully galvanized body, with powder coated double doors.
  • Simple to assemble with easy to follow instructions.
  • Optional ‘Snap-in’ shelf uprights & arms.
  • Optional external powder coated painting.
  • Low cost that represents real value for money.
  • Comes with a double locking system for additional security.
  • Sumped base with suspended floor grate, for contained spillages.

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