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Steve_MeekinWelcome to SMT, Steve Meekin Transport.  A West Sussex based family run haulage business specialising in light and commercial haulage throughout the UK.

Based 5 miles from Londonís Gatwick Airport and 10 miles from the M25 London Orbital, SMT is able to access the main routes to the south, west and north of the UK.

Steve Meekin set up SMT with wife Sandra back in 1999 after a decade in the haulage business driving both in the UK and on the Continent.

Steve Meekin Transport not only manages the transport contract for Extraspace, it is also an authorised dealer for the range of Expanda stores and cabins. You can browse the most popular items in the range here

Steve Meekin: "Even with the current regulations and issues with fuel duty costs, this is still an exciting business to be in.  I love the challenge of working complicated routes and deliveries to meet customers' deadlines. Customer care is key and building trust is the biggest job in our business, people are so often let down because of the nature of the industry. At SMT, we thrive on repeat business, so know just how important a consistent approach and outstanding customer care are."

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